Cobalt is the place to be if you work in IT

If you work in IT, then the North East is definitely the place to be. Well, North Tyneside to be precise, because standing proudly on the Cobalt Business Park is the home of IT experts Perfect Image. We’re an IT services company delivering tailored solutions and services to organisations across the UK, helping them to improve their businesses through the effective use of IT,
from our new offices in Equinox House.

We relocated to the Cobalt Business Park in July 2014 after winning several new contracts and recruiting a number of highly-skilled business professionals into the team. The world-class facilities offered by the park matched our vision of providing customers with the very best, top-quality service, from right here in the North East.

At Perfect Image, we don’t work with a break-fix mentality. Rather, we learn about our clients’ businesses, what it is they want to achieve, assess the capability of their teams and then design an IT solution that will meet their needs.

We’re deliberately different to other IT providers. We don’t just focus on applications or hardware or networks – we believe it’s the combination of allaspects of IT working in efficient harmony that helps drive a business forward.

We’ve worked with a whole host of businesses and organisations across a number of different sectors over the years, from blue chips to housing associations, to hi-tech start-ups and other SMEs. Regardless of shape, size or sector, our team works together. From developers to support engineers to project managers and business consultants, we provide all of our clients with a
seamless end-to-end service, and part of this winning formula is our approach to managed services.

At Perfect Image, we take a true managed services approach to the delivery and running of our clients’ IT.

From providing the physical kit they need, like installing servers or setting up infrastructures in a true cloud setting with Amazon Web Services (AWS), we don’t only create bespoke solutions, we provide our clients with the equipment and services they need to make it a reality. For us, managed services is about taking on the end-to-end management and control of a customer’s IT service, including the underlying network, all the way through to the applications, making sure that these elements are delivered reliably, securely and that all users are well supported.

It’s also about proactive improvements, providing planning and advice to make a customer’s IT service better over time. It’s not just about keeping systems running, it’s about making them better and ensuring the solutions are aligned to the customer’s business so that they get even more from their IT.

Since relocating to North Tyneside, we’ve certainly showed no signs of slowing down. We’re continuing to win bigger and better contracts, are attracting the very best talent from not just within the region but from across the UK, and are continually growing as more and more people begin to demand more from their IT suppliers, reaping the business benefits of a quality end-to-end IT service.

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