Cobalt ramp up cycling incentives as demand for bikes soar

Controversial cycle improvements and temporary measures in Whitley Bay put in place by North Tyneside Council are supporting an increase of cycling and walking around the coast.

Cobalt Park have seen the demand for cycling grow as staff look to travel more sustainably and have brought in a range of incentives to encourage employees to see this as a viable alternative to commute to work.


Teaming up with Bike4Health and WATBike, Cobalt offer free bike loans which lasts up to 1-month, free Bike MOTs for employees on the park as well as opening up spaces for the public and second hand bike sales.


Most recently, Cobalt have trained a member of staff, Jonathan Teague, who is now able to MOT bikes and fix minor issues between hubs.


MORE Cobalt Co-ordinator Tyler Patrick said: "Sustainable travel, air quality and staff wellbeing are our main focus for Cobalt. We have 12,000 employees who travel from all over the region with 2/3rds living within 5 miles of the park and we want to help make their commute as smooth as possible."


“We are excited to be upgrading our full fleet of pool bikes for employees as well as raising awareness of the £50 fix your bike vouchers scheme from government and promoting business cycle to work schemes. It’s also great to see businesses really encouraging employees to cycle by fitting additional bike storage at their office.”


Claire Blake, Cycling Development Manager at WATBike said “Cycles are like toilet roll at the beginning of lockdown – very difficult to get hold of!  Our mechanics and volunteers are doing a great job of refurbishing the donations we’re receiving, in an attempt to have bikes available for as many people as we can, and we hope to have a reasonable stock ready for the next Cobalt bike sale”

Cobalt is home to a number of major corporate companies including Santander, Procter and Gamble, EE, DXC Technology and Newcastle Building Society, the office park has received high praise for developing sustainable travel options for its 12,000 staff and is known as a pioneer in this field. 

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