Hundreds sign up to share in the first week of car share scheme

Hundreds of staff at Cobalt Park have signed up to share their journey to work in the first week of the park launching a brand new carshare website.

Two leaders in their respective fields Cobalt Business Park in North Tyneside the largest office park in the UK and the most successful carshare provider have partnered up to provide a car-sharing scheme to encourage staff to opt for a sustainable mode of transport with a state-of-the-art Liftshare website and online personal travel planning tool, myPTP.

Cobalt is suggesting to their workforce that “Life’s more fun when you share”. Encouraging employees to liftshare can bring big benefits for businesses, and Cobalt Business Park in North Tyneside is the latest name to launch their own liftshare scheme.

Playing host to some major household names such as Accenture, Utilitywise, Procter & Gamble, EE, Hewlett Packard and Santander whom are all on-board with the scheme, allocating their own internal scheme managers, with the parks 14,000 strong workforce and employment catchment area of 1.1 million – the scheme will be boosted as employees offer lifts to and from their home towns.

Cobalt Park already has successful partnerships in place with local bus companies, with Go North East having invested in 17 new buses with free wifi to service the site, and having worked hard to achieve a 15% year-on-year growth figure for bus use.

The new scheme, Cobalt Park Liftshare, can help those for whom public transport isn’t an option. Employees on the park can offer a ride to others on their commute, or look up others going their way.

Wherever staff are coming from, they are likely to find a match; with 75% of journeys having at least one other person taking the trip (and the average being 22 matches!). With a variety of shift patterns across the businesses on-site, there’s a whole host of departure and arrival times available, and Cobalt have generously introduced a ‘guaranteed lift home’ – which promises to get staff home in the event of an emergency. Those travelling can work out how much they can save using the scheme using an online Savings Calculator.

The new scheme marks Cobalt’s ongoing commitment to helping grow and develop the businesses onsite, as well as encouraging employees to use sustainable travel to get to and from work.

Cobalt occupiers have fully adopted the scheme with a number of initiatives to support for example many including Utilitywise are operating carsharing bay scheme, which offers priority carshaing bays right outside their front door where 3 drivers share one car.

Lynn Cramman, Business Development & Transport Manager at Cobalt Park said: “The Business Park is continually growing with 2,000 new staff arriving in the last 12months we now have 14,000 staff working an array of shifts and travelling from range locations across the region. Taking this into account everyone on site should be able to meet their liftshare match through the scheme to help them save money, miles and make friends along the way to work.”

“We’re delighted to be working with Cobalt to add to their current exemplary package of travel planning measures for the staff on-site,” said Mark Hand, Business Development Director at Liftshare.

“myPTP offers tailored journey planning advice using all modes of travel including cycling, walking, public transport and car-sharing giving people the options available for them to get from A to B.”

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